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Wooden Crocodile Model Kit


Create a moving wooden sculpture of a hungry crocodile.
Simply turn a crank to bring your figure to life, and watch as your creation snaps his fierce wooden teeth.

Size = 28cm(l) x 6cm(w) x 9cm(h)

crocodile: £14.95

Wooden Dragon Model Kit


The regal Dragon, famous from the valleys of Wales to the cultural myths of Asia for thousands of years! Dragons are protectors, predators to be slain by bold knights and cute little fire breathing hatchlings.

A series of crank operated linkages enable the dragon to lunge forward, opening his jaws, with the tongue moving forward in a dramatic fashion.

Size = 24cm(l) x 10cm(w) x 18cm(h)

Dragon: £14.95

Wooden Drummer Model Kit


From the Musician Series, this multi tasked talented Drummer manages to play two drums and two cymbals while swaying backwards and forwards and keeping two rhythms going, using a series of triangular and square cams attached to the crank handle.

Size = 16cm(l) x 7cm(w) x 22cm(h)

Drummer: £14.95

Wooden Woody Blues Model Kit

Woody Blues

Woody Blues not only plays but sways to the music and taps his feet in tune to the music as well.

This model features cams and followers.

Size = 14cm(l) x 7cm(w) x 23cm(h)

Woody Blues: £14.95

Wooden Guitarist Model Kit


Build this cool wooden mechanical Guitarist, who not only plays his guitar, his leg goes in time to the music as he sings into his microphone.

Explore the science of movement and create your own band!

Size = 11cm(l) x 12cm(w) x 23cm(h)

Guitarist: £14.95

Wooden T-Rex Model Kit


Go back in time to when the T-Rex lived and thrived all those thousands of years ago.

Linkages create a realistic walking movement and open a dangerous looking jaw as the neck moves forward.

T-Rex: £14.95

Wooden Motor Drive Kit

model motor kit

Universal Battery Kit. All you need to motorise your model. Just choose the right top size from within the kit to suit your model and assemble the battery kit according to the instructions. Suitable for use with all kits.

Requires 2 AA batteries, not supplied.

Motor Kit: £10.00

Ride Drive Kit for Fairground Ride Models

Ride Drive

To enrich the learning experience, we've developed a highly adaptable self-assembly motor kit to bring all your fairground rides to life.

Size = 18cm(l) x 10cm(w) x 13cm(h)

Ride Drive: £14.95

Showing 1-10 of 13 products