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Bee-Bot Ultimate Bundle 1

Bee bot money mat

The Ultimate Bee-Bot Bundle includes a Focus on Bee-Bot Lesson Activites 1 software site licence , ALL 8 of the Bee-Bot activity mats featured in the program AND a Bee-Bot floor robot as well!.

This provides a wide variety of Bee-Bot environments, both on-screen and in the classroom, providing unlimited possibilities to tie Bee-Bot into the curriculum of most subject areas. Bring the excitement that Bee-Bot always generates to lessons in art, language, math, and social studies.

Curriculum coverage:
*QCA ICT Units 2D & 2D-Finding Information and controlling a Floor Turtle.
*ELG -Use of ICT and programmable toys to support learning.

Age Range(s):
Primary Age 3 - 11
Ultimate Bee-Bot Bundle-LA1: £299.95
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The Ultimate Bee-Bot Bundle includes: alphabet- mats
  • Focus on Bee-Bot Software Site Licence
  • 1 Bee-Bot
  • Alphabet Mat
  • Busy Street Mat
  • CVC Mat
  • Number Line Mat
  • Race Track Mat
  • Shapes, Colors, and Size Mat
  • Treasure Island Mat
  • Money Mat