How to Import a SCORM Package into Fronter

Our Learning Platform SCORM packages can be imported into Fronter.


1. Go to the Course tool in your room of choice. If there is no Course tool in the room, one must be added.
2. Click "Import Course Package" at the top right of the screen.
3. Click "Browse" and select the location of the SCORM course you wish to import.
4. Next you can make some selections regarding the properties of the course (these can be edited later also):
a) Whether the content is to be opened in a new window or within the main Fronter window
b) Under SCORM templates you can optionally select to disable the player navigation GUI (some navigational elements from the SCORM player).
5. Click "Save" and the course will be imported into the room.

View and print a Focus Educational VLE SCORM package order form.

Download FREE sample Design Technology VLE SCORM packages.

Download FREE sample Science VLE SCORM packages.

Download FREE sample Climate Change VLE SCORM package.

Focus Educational's VLE Learning Platform SCORM resources are compatible with Learning Platforms such as Moodle, Frog, Fronter, RM Kaleidos, Studywiz and It's Learning.

The screenshot below shows a typical screen layout of a Focus SCORM package.