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Design Technology: Graphic Products Commercial Printing Processes

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Graphic Products: Commercial Printing Processes interactive Windows program or online resource which examines how Focus Educational Software designs and prints advertising brochures and packaging for its products using the three industry standard printing processes: Offset Lithography, Flexography and Screen Printing.

Graphic Products for Design Technology is an excellent replacement for industrial visits now that they are becoming increasingly difficult to organize.

Based on real-life production facilities, this eLearning resource effectively brings industry into the classroom.

This interactive eLearning Resource is suitable for whole class whiteboard teaching and for use as an individual study aid. Graphic Products for Design Technology is available as an installable Windows program and as part of the online Focus DT Resource Pack.

Windows software single user licence: £29.95
Windows software site licence: £99.95
Online version 1 year whole school licence: £36.00
Focus on Graphic Products screen print Help to solve this problem by bringing examples of industrial practice into the classroom and is ideal for use with LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Not just about printing, this innovative and structured program shows how Focus Educational Software prints, packages and advertises one of its own products using the 3 industry standard printing processes
Compatible with: Focus has version available for Windows, Mac, iPad and Android devices. .
Students can research and learn about:
  • Offset Lithography, following a typical Focus brochure from concept to print.
  • Screen Printing demonstrates the production of a \"Focus\"product CD label.
  • Flexography shows how the complete \"Focus\" mailshot is prepared and packaged for dispatch.
Offset Lithography offset
  • Brochure
  • Artwork Production
  • Imposition and Plate setting
  • Plate processing
  • Four colour printing process
  • Folding and Stitching Trimming.
Flexography flexography
  • Plate setting
  • Plate processing
  • Printing process
  • Envelope conversion
Screen Printing CD-rom packaging
  • Screen production
  • Printing process
  • CD-ROM packaging
Reference Topics- GP Multiple choice
  • CMYK
  • Corporate identity
  • Dictionary of printing
  • ISO paper sizes
  • Production costs
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