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Smart, Modern & Composite Materials

smart materials

A thoughtfully designed resource providing a unique and easy-to-understand insight into the exciting world of 21st Century materials, their development, use, and potential.

Focus on Smart, Modern & Composite Materials will help your students get to grips with this complicated and often misunderstood area of Design Technology.

Designed to fit in with well with AQA, Edexcel, OCR, SQA and WJEC specifications.

This online title is part of the Focus Design Technology online resource pack.

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Smart Materials Topics smart polymers
  • what is a smart material?
  • chemiluminescent materials
  • electroluminescent materials
  • piezoelectric materials
  • smart grease
  • smart Inks & coatings
  • shape-memory alloys
  • smart nanomaterials
  • smart polymers
  • smart textiles
  • touch sensing
  • multiple choice test yourself quiz
Modern Materials Topics modern materials
  • what is a modern material?
  • aerogels
  • metal foams
  • modern nanomaterials
  • modern technical textiles
  • polymorph
  • superhydrophobic coatings
  • XPL
  • multiple choice test yourself quiz
Composite Materials Topics composite materials introduction
  • what is a composite?
  • carbon fibre reinforced polymer
  • energy absorbing polymers
  • glass fibre reinforced polymer
  • quantum tunnelling composite
  • robotic materials
  • concrete
  • plywood
  • multiple choice test yourself quiz
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