Focus on Science Video Library. Never lose track of those useful Science related YouTube clips ever again! This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.

Science Video Library

●  Includes an ever-growing selection of YouTube videos
    chosen by Focus
●  Add your own clips from YouTube and Vimeo
●  See what videos other teachers have added to their
    libraries and add them to yours.
● Never lose track of videos it’s taken you a long time to
● Watch the video on the right to see how easy it is to add
   clips to the app.

Biology Video Topics

●  Cell Division
●  Cells
●  Circulatory System
●  Digestion
●  Enzymes in Digestion
●  Excretion and the Kidney
●  Homeostasis
●  Immune System
●  Interdependence
●  Movement of Substances
●  Nervous System
●  Plants
●  Reproduction and Variation
●  Respiratory System
●  Urinary System
●  Revision Topics …

Chemistry Video Topics

●  Acids, Bases & Salts
●  Atoms and Elements
●  Chemical Analysis
●  Compounds
●  Electrolysis
●  Light
●  Momentum
●  Energy Change
●  Extraction of Metals
●  Organic Chemistry
●  Space
●  Waves
●  Work and Energycolor: rgb(70, 112, 127);”>●  Properties of Matter
●  Quantitative Chemistry
●  Structure & Bonding …..

Physics Video Topics:

●  Electromagnetic Induction
●  Electrostatics
●  Energy
●  Forces
●  Graphs
●  Heat
●  Light
●  Magnetism
●  Momentum
●  Motion
●  Motor Effect
●  Newton’s Laws
●  Pressure
●  Space
●  Units of Measurement
●  Waves
●  Work and Energy…..

Add Your Own Video Topics:

●  When you come across a clip, simply copy and paste its web address into your custom library editing tool, add it to a topic category, and save.

●  You can see and add entries of other teachers to your library – making it truly collaborative.

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