Essential Physics GCSE is a unique collection of more than 60 interactive topics and experiments for GCSE level Physics. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.


●  Speed & Velocity
●  Velocity & Acceleration
●  Distance-time graphs
●  Measuring Speed Experiment


●  Gravity, Mass & Weight
●  Combining Forces
●  Effects of Forces
●  Friction & Drag
●  Newton’s Laws
●  Force and Acceleration
●  Force & Acceleration Experiment
●  Stretching Effects


●  What is Momentum?
●  Collisions
●  Explosions
●  Water Rocket Experiment

Turning Effect of Forces

●  Definitions
●  Balancing
●  Moments Experiment
●  Centre of Gravity
●  Stability


●  Pressure
●  Pressure in Liquids
●  Atmospheric Pressure
●  Videos

Work , Energy & Power

●  Work
●  Conservation of Energy
●  Kinetic & Potential Energy
● Levers
● Gears
●  Stopping Distance Experiment
●  Energy Stored in a Spring Experiment

Particle Model of Energy

●  Particle Model
●  Gas Pressure
●  Changes of State
●  Changes of State Experiment

Atomic Structure

●  History
●  Atomic Structure


●  Types of Radiation
●  Penetrating Properties
●  Magnetic Deflection
●  Half Life
●  Uses of Radiation
●  Dangers of Radiation

Nuclear Fission

●  Fission
●  Nuclear Reactors
●  Nuclear Power


●  Waves
●  Wave Equation
●  Wave Speed in a Ripple Tank


●  Sound
●  Sound Properties
●  How we Hear Sound
●  Speed of Sound
●  Medical Uses of Ultrasound

Electromagnetic Waves & Light

●  Electromagnetic Waves
●  Reflection at Plane Surfaces
●  Images in a Plane Mirror
●  Refraction
●  Refraction of Light
●  Optical Fibres
●  Dispersion
●  Colour & Vision
●  Lenses
●  Ray Diagrams for Lenses
●  Lens Experiments
●  How your Eyes Work


●  Specific Heat Capacity
●  Measuring SHC
●  Latent Heat
●  Specific Latent Heat of Ice
●  Heat Transfer
●  Heat Conduction Experiment
●  Radiation Experiment
●  Reducing Heat Loss
●  Rates of Cooling

Static Electrity

●  Insulators and Conductors
●  Charging Insulators
●  Force Between Charges


●  Current
● Potential Difference
●  Resistance
● Circuit Symbols Test
● Circuits
●  IV Characteristics
●  Thermistor Characteristics
●  LDR Characteristics

Magnetic Fields

●  Magnets
●  Permanent Magnets
●  Magnetic Field of Straight Wire
●  Magnetic Field of a Coil

The Motor Effect

●  Motor Effect
●  Motor Effect Experiment
●  DC Motor
●  Loudspeaker

Electomagnetic Induction

●  Generator Effect
●  Magnet & Coil
●  Generator
●  Transformers
●  National Grid
●  Stopping distance
●  Transformer Experiment

The Earth in Space

●  Night & Day
●  Seasons
●  Phases of the Moon
●  Solar Eclipse
●  Solar System
●  Satellites
●  The Big Bang Theory


●  Combining resistors
●  Resultant forces
●  Quiz

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