Focus on Essential Physics for Key Stage 3 is a unique collection of more than 60 interactive topics and experiments for KS3 level Physics. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.

The Earth in Space

●  Night & Day
●  The Seasons
●  Phases of the Moon
●  Solar Eclipse
●  The Solar System
●  How a Satellite Orbit Works


●  Speed and Velocity
●  Velocity and Acceleration
●  Distance – Time Graphs
●  Measuring Speed Experiment


●  Combining Forces
●  Effects of Forces
●  Force and Acceleration
●  Levers
●  Balancing
●  Friction and Drag
●  Stretching Effects of Forces


●  Reflection at Plane Surfaces
●  Images in a Plane Mirror
●  Colour and Vision
●  Refraction of Light
●  Dispersion
●  Image Formation by a Lens
●  How your Eyes Work
●  How a Camera Works


●  Circuits
●  A Model for Electric Current
●  Voltage Model


●  What is Attracted to a Magnet?
●  Forces Between Magnets
●  Permanent Magnets
●  The Magnetic Field of a Straight Wire
●  The Magnetic Field of a Coil
●  The Earth’s Magnetic Field


●  Strength of an Electromagnet
●  The Electric Bell
●  The Relay


●  How Sound is Produced
●  Sound Properties
●  How Different Sounds are Made
●  How we Hear Sound

Solids , Liquids & Gases

●  The Particle Model
●  Pressure in a Gas
●  Diffusion

Heat and temperature

●  What is Temperature?
●  Thermometers
●  Temperature Scales
●  Comparing Bunsen Flames
●  Change of State Experiment


●  Expansion of Solids
●  Bimetal Strips
●  Expansion of Liquids and Gases

Heat Transfer

●  Heat Transfer
●  Land and Sea Breezes
●  Heat Conduction Experiment
●  Thermal Radiation
●  House Insulation


●  Sources of Energy
●  Conservation of Energy
●  Power Stations
●  Hydroelectric Power

Multiple Choice Questions

  Interactive Quizzes

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