Science Investigations 1 is a set of 15 popular simulated science experiments for KS3 and GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Science Investigations 1 is designed to help students learn and practice skills such as planning an experiment, making predictions and processing data. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.

Biology Experiments

●  Breakdown of Starch by Amylase
●  Photosynthesis
●  Yeast Respiration

Chemistry Experiments

●  CaCO3 – HCI Reaction
●  Heat of Neutralisation
●  Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

Physics Experiments

●  Bouncing Ball Experiment
●  Car Stopping Distances
●  Energy Stored in a Spring
●  Expansion of a Gas
●  Heating Effect of a Current
●  Resistance of Wires
●  Strength of an Electromagnet
●  Terminal Velocity
●  Friction

Reference Section

●  Energy changes in a bouncing ball
●  Enzyme Action
●  Model for Electrical Resistance
●  Voltage Model
●  Reaction rates
●  Kinetic Theory Model for a Gas

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