Physics Equations for GCSE is an interactive resource explaining how to rearrange the equations for Physics GCSE. Including worked examples for every equation, this resource is a great way to learn how to rearrange the equations and revise for examinations. There are separate lists of equations for each of the AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and WJEC Educas examination boards. The equation lists have been organised into “Equations to Learn” and “Equations Given in the Exam”. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.

Step-by-Step Rearrangement of Equations

Includes Supporting Text and Examples

GCSE Equation to Learn:

●  W = mg
●  W = Fs
●  F = ke
●  M = Fd
●  p = F/A
●  s = vt
●  a = Δv/t
●  F = ma
●  p = mv
●  E = ½mv²
●  E = mgh
●  P = E/t
●  P = W/t
●  v = fλ
●  Q = It
●  V = IR
●  P = IV
●  P = I²R
●  E = Pt
●  E = QV
●  ρ = m/V

GCSE Equations Given in the Exam

●  p = hρg
●  v² = u²+as
●  F = mΔv/Δt
●  EPE = ½me²
●  ΔE = mcΔθ
●  T = 1/f
●  F = BIl
●  E = mL
●  Vₚ / Vₛ = nₚ / nₛ
●  VₚIₚ = VₛIₛ
●  PV = constant
●  Magnification

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