Focus on Essential Biology is a unique collection of more than 60 interactive topics and experiments for GCSE and KS3 level Biology. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.


●  Types of Cells
●  Animal cells
●  Plant Cells
●  Comparison of Plant and Animal Cells

Specialised Cells

●  Specialised Cells
●  Red Blood Cells
●  White Blood Cells
●  Ciliated Epithelial Cell
●  Sperm Cell
●  Ovum/Egg Cell
●  Nerve Cell
●  Muscle Cell
●  Root Hair Cell
●  Palisade Cell
●  Guard Cell

Movement of Substances

●  Diffusion
●  Facilitated Diffusion
●  Osmosis
●  Active Transport


●  Digestive System
●  The Mouth
●  The Stomach
●  Small Intestine
●  Large Intestine

Enzymes in Digestion

●  Enzymes
●  Carbohydrate Digestion
●  Protein Digestion
●  Fats Digestion

The Respiratory System

●  The lungs
●  Breathing
●  Gas Exchange
●  Respiration

The Circulatory System

●  Blood
●  Blood Circulation
●  The Heart

Reproduction, Variation & Inheritance

●  Reproduction
●  Cell Division
●  Variation and Inheritance

Excretion & The Kidney

●  The Kidneys
●  Kidney Structure
●  Kidney Function
●  Kidney Failure


●  Homeostasis – Introduction
●  Controlling Body Temperature
●  Controlling Blood Glucose
●  Controlling Water

The Nervous System

●  The Nervous System
●  Neurones
●  Reflex Actions
●  The Synapse

The Immune System

●  The immune system
●  Microbes
●  Immune response
●  Immunity


●  Photosynthesis
●  Limiting Factors in Photosynthesis
●  Respiration in Plants
●  Transpiration
●  Leaf Structure
●  Plant Growth and Hormones
●  Plant Growth and Minerals


●  Interdependence
●  Food Chains
●  Energy in Food Chains
●  Food Webs
●  Predator-Prey Relationships
●  Population Size


●  Biology Quiz
●  Label a Diagram
●  Hangman

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