Focus on Physics: Fields is a collection of online simulated science experiments and interactive topics covering the Fields section of A Level Physics. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.

Deflection of Alpha particles by a Nucleus

●  This simulation models the interaction of a single alpha particle with a nucleus.

●  Use the simulation to investigate how the scattering angle changes with the vertical offset.

Rutherford’s Alpha Scattering Experiment

●  The animation shows the principle of the alpha scattering experiment.

DC Motor

●  The animation shows the essential features of a DC motor.

Motion of Electrons in an Electric Field

In the Simulation you Can Vary :
The Initial Speed of the Electrons
●  The Strength of the Deflecting Field
●  The Deflection of the Electron Beam

Motion of Electrons in a Magnetic Field

●  In the simulation a beam of electrons from the electron gun enters a magnetic field that is at right angles to the screen.

Deflection of Electrons in a Magnetic Field in 3D

●  In this example the electron enters the magnetic field at an angle to the field lines and moves in a spiral path.

The Generator

●  The generator is similar to the DC motor except that the commutator is replaced by a pair of slip rings

● As the coil is turned, the sides cut across the magnetic field lines and a current is induced in the coil.

Electromagnetic Induction

●  The simulation shows a graph of emf against time as the magnet moves through the coil at constant speed.

Electric Field Plotting

●  An electric field is a region where an electric force is exerted on a charge

● Electric fields are vector fields

Capacitors and Capacitance

●  A capacitor consists of two insulated metal plates separated by a gap.

● There is a wide range of capacitors available for different purposes

Force on a Current Carrying Conductor

●  The current through the wire is controlled by the variable resistor

● The slider to change the angle of the magnetic field by rotating the magnet.

Magnetic Field Plotting

The animation shows a horizontal section through a coil carrying a current. You Can Change: 

The Number of Turns of Wire in the Coil
● The Radius of the Coil
● The Spacing of the Turns.

The Mass Spectometer

●  In the simulation, a beam of ions is accelerated by an electric field and then passes through a slit and into a magnetic field perpendicular to the screen.

● The path in the magnetic field is determined by the velocity and the mass/charge ratio of the ions

Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment

●  The object of the experiment is to find the charge on the oil drops

Motion in a Uniform Gravitational Field

●  Near the surface of the Earth the gravitational field is uniform. i.e it can be represented as a set of equally spaced field lines.

Planetary Orbits 1

●  The simulation above represents a planet (shown in red) in orbit around the Sun (shown in yellow)

Planetary Orbits 2

●  In any system of orbiting bodies, the orbits are such that the bodies move around the centre of mass of the system.

● For two bodies of equal mass, the centre of mass will be a point halfway between the two masses.

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