Essential Chemistry is a unique collection of more than 60 interactive topics and experiments for GCSE and KS3 level Chemistry. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.

Properties of Matter

●  The particle model
Changes of State

Atoms and Elements

●  Historical Timeline
●  Elements
●  Atomic Structure
●  Isotopes and Relative Atomic Mass


●  What is a Compound?
●  Compounds and Mixtures
●  Formula of Compounds
●  Chemical Equations

Structure & Bonding

●  Electron Shells
●  Types of Bonding
●  Properties of Ionic Compounds
●  Properties of Covalent Compound

Periodic Table

●  History
●  Periodic Table
●  Group 1
●  Group 7

Chemical Analysis

●  Tests for Gases
●  Flame Test for Metal Ions
●  Precipitation Test for Metal Ions
●  Test for Negative Ions

Acids , Bases & Indicators

●  The pH Scale and Indicators
●  Acids and Alkalis
●  pH Values
●  Neutralisation
●  Reactivity Series
●  Making Salts
●  Hazard Symbols


●  Electrolysis Introduction
●  Molten Lead Bromide
●  Sodium Chloride Solution
●  Purification of Copper
●  Electroplating

Extraction of Metals

●  Metal Ores
●  Extraction of Aluminium
●  Extraction of Iron

Rates of Reaction

●  Introduction to Rates of Reaction
●  Measuring Reaction Rates
●  Collision Theory

Energy Changes in Reactions 

●  Heat and Temperature
●  Energy Changes in Reactions
●  Reversible Reactions
●  Dynamic Equilibrium
●  Factors Affecting Equilibrium
●  The Haber Process

Organic Chemistry

● What is Organic Chemistry?
● Alkanes
● Alkenes
● Alcohols
● Carboxylic Acids
● Crude Oil and Fractional Distillation
● Cracking
●  Polymers

Chemical Caculations

●  Relative Formula Mass
●  Moles and Molar Mass
●  Calculating Mass in Reactions
●  Empirical Formula
●  Concentration of Solutions

Interactive Activities

●  pH Value Test
●  Relative Atomic Mass test
●  Name – Symbol Match
●  Match the Formula to the Name
●  Formula of Compounds
●  Balancing Equations

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