Focus on Polymer Based Materials is an in-depth examination of Design and Technology Polymer Based Materials and the associated tools, machinery, processes and finishes. This comprehensive study covers both in-school workshop situations and those found in commercial industry. This title, produced in association with Mr Paul Woodward, is available as part of the  Focus D&T Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screen and a list of topics.

Selection of Materials or Components:

●  Functionality
●  Aesthetics
●  Availability
●  Cost
●  Social Factors
●  Cultural and Ethical Factors

Forces and Stresses:

●  Compression
●  Tension
●  Shear
●  Torsion
●  Bending
●  Forces Acting on a Sports Climber

Ecological and Social Footprint:

●  Deforestation and Replantation
●  Sustainable Design
●  The Six Rs of Sustainability
●  Identification for Recycling
●  Repurposing and Upcycling

Sources and Origins of Polymers

●  Sources of Polymers

Using and Working with Materials:

●  Polymer Classification
●  Polymer Additives
●  Composite Materials
●  Hand Tools
●  Machine Tools

Stock Forms, Types and Sizes:

●  Stock Sizes
●  Standard Components

Scales of Production:

●  One-Off Production
●  Batch Production
●  Mass Production
●  Continuous Production

Specialist Techniques and Processes:

●  Wasting Processes
●  Deforming Processes
●  Reforming Processes
●  Addition Processes
●  Working to a Tolerance
●  Quality Management

Surface Treatments and Finishes:

●  Why Finish Polymers?
●  Diamond Edge Polishing & Buffing
●  Flame Polishing
●  GRP Gelcoat
Plating on Plastic
●  Laser Engraving and Etching
●  Textured Moulds
●  Vinyl Decals and Stickers

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