A Level Chemistry Required Practicals is a unique set of interactive simulations, related theory, and analysis for A Level Chemistry Required Practicals. This title is available as part of the  Focus Science Online Resource Pack. See below for sample screenshots and a list of topics.

Acid – Base Titration

Enthalpy of Hydration

Reaction Rate and Temperature.

Test for Anions and Cations

Reflux and Distillation

This animation show two techniques commonly used in organic chemistry using the oxidation of ethanol to ethanoic acid as an example.

Testing for Organic Groups:

●  Alcohols
●  Aldehydes
●  Alkenes
●  Carboxylic Acids

Reaction Rates and Concentration.

Iodine Clock Reaction

Electrochemical Cells

Titration Curves

● Strong acid added to a strong base
● Weak acid added to a strong base
● Strong acid added to a weak base
● Weak acid added to a weak base

Transition Metal Ions Tests

Thin Layer Chromatography

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