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Design Technology: Mechanical Toys

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Focus on Mechanical Toys supports the teaching of KS2 and KS3 Mechanical and Moving Toy themed projects.

This easy-to-use resource is perfect for whole class DT whiteboard teaching and individual study. Focus on Mechanical Toys is available as an installable Windows program and as part of the online Focus DT Resource Pack.

Focus DT Resource Pack: 1 year site licence: £99.95
Windows software single user licence: £29.95
Windows software site licence: £99.95
Basic Principles of Mechanisms Structured to encourage students of all abilities to conduct their own investigations into the basic principles of mechanisms, this simple-to-use learning aid includes sections covering: Mechanical Toys
  • Types of motion
  • Cams and followers
  • Levers and linkages
  • Pulley systems
  • Gear systems
  • Technical vocabulary
Compatible with: Focus has version available for Windows, Mac, iPad and Android devices. .
Educational Models Combining these topic areas with detailed analyses of 21 real-life automata, Focus on Mechanical Toys delivers a comprehensive educational package that's equally useful as a teaching aid, learning resource or research tool.

Interactive Animations High quality 3D animations are available in addition to the photographic images, written descriptions and videos of each toy's mechanical structure. At the click of a button the internal mechanism of each model can be revealed. Mechanical monkey
  • Users control:
  • Viewing angle of each animation
  • Speed of animation
  • Direction of motion Each animation can be paused at any time and the on-screen image copied and pasted into a word processing or DTP program for inclusion in students' design folders.
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